ADJ PL-1000 Pinspot Par Light


ADJ PL-1000 Pinspot Par Light

Experience the versatility and power of the ADJ PL1000 Pin Spot. Designed with precision in mind, this compact and lightweight fixture is the ultimate choice for applications that demand exceptional spotlighting. The PL1000 Pin Spot boasts a high-output ZB-4515 6V 30W lamp, a screw-on front cap, and a 4′ power cord. The bulb has an estimated 100-hour life. A great choice for special effects, mirror balls, light shows, etc., delivering bright and crisp beams with remarkable clarity and vibrant color rendering.

With precise control to highlight specific areas or objects, making it a perfect fit for accentuating art installations or illuminating architectural details. Its user-friendly controls and intuitive operation allow you to effortlessly adjust the light’s intensity and focus, empowering you to create the desired lighting effect with ease. Built to last, this Pin Spot features a durable construction that ensures reliability.  Whether used as a standalone fixture or as part of a larger lighting setup, the ADJ PL1000 Pin Spot delivers professional-quality lighting that elevates the visual impact of any space or event, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

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