HPS Battery Powered Wireless DMX RGBW Uplight

*Rent Single Black or White singles or rent by the 6* or 12 pack.*

*6 and 12 pack come with case with built-in power outlet and all cables to charge them.*


HPS Battery Powered Wireless DMX RGBW Uplight

Experience the versatility of the HPS Battery Powered Wireless DMX Uplight, a cutting-edge lighting fixture that revolutionizes wireless DMX control. With its battery-powered operation, this uplight eliminates the need for power cables, making it perfect for events, weddings, and venues with limited power outlets. The compact and portable design allows for easy placement and relocation, enabling you to highlight architectural elements, stage backdrops, or specific areas effortlessly. The HPS Uplight utilizes powerful high-pressure sodium (HPS) technology, delivering warm and vibrant illumination that enhances any space. Wireless DMX control provides seamless integration into your lighting setup, giving you complete freedom and flexibility. The built-in rechargeable battery ensures extended operation, while the included wireless DMX receiver offers convenient control options. With adjustable intensity and color temperature, you can easily customize the lighting to suit the desired ambiance or theme. Built to last, the HPS Uplight features a durable construction that guarantees reliability and longevity, whether used indoors or outdoors. Elevate your lighting experience and create stunning displays effortlessly with the HPS Battery Powered Wireless DMX Uplight.

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6-Pack Black or White


12-Pack Black or White


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