Art Fox Sky Beam 9R Beam Moving Head


Art Fox Sky Beam 9R

Experience the brilliance of the Art Fox Skybeam 9R. This cutting-edge lighting fixture delivers powerful beams, stunning effects, and precise control. Its advanced features and robust construction make it ideal for concerts, stage productions, and events. With its versatile design and impressive output, the Art Fox Skybeam 9R is sure to elevate your lighting setup and create captivating visual displays. Explore a new level of creativity and bring your artistic vision to life with this exceptional lighting fixture.

Art Fox Sky Beam 9R Features:

  1. 5 Prisms, 11 Prisms effects, Rainbow effects, super bright
  2. YODN 260w lamp
  3. Improved Optics design, super bright
  4. 5 Prism, 11 Prisms effects
  5. Rainbow effects
  6. Dynamic Gobos

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