Elation Rayzor Q7 Moving Head Beam Light


Elation Rayzor Q7 Moving Head Beam Light

The Elation Rayzor Q7 is a cutting-edge lighting fixture that combines powerful performance with sleek design. With its advanced features and versatile functionality, the Q7 delivers stunning lighting effects, making it perfect for concerts, events, and stage productions. This compact yet robust fixture boasts a high-output LED engine, providing vibrant colors, smooth dimming, and precise beam control. Its user-friendly interface and customizable options allow for easy programming and seamless integration into any lighting setup. The Elation Rayzor Q7 sets a new standard in lighting technology, offering professionals and enthusiasts alike an exceptional lighting experience.

Tech Specs:

The Rayzor Q7™ features (7) 15W Osram Quad Color RGBW LEDs, a 7° beam, high speed 3-phase pan/tilt motors, electronic strobe and 0-100% dimming, (4) independent LED zones for dynamic visual effects, flicker free operation for TV and FILM, RDM (Remote Device Management) support, 5pin DMX and locking power in/out connections, (7) button touch control panel, 210W max power consumption, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (120-240v). Optional accessories including a diffusion filter and a snoot lens cover.

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