ETC 400PH-G Glass “B” Holder for Source Four Fixtures


ETC 400PH-G Glass B Holder for Source Four Fixtures

The ETC 400PH-G Glass B Holder for Source Four Fixtures is a game-changing accessory for Source Four fixtures. It allows for precise placement of glass gobos, delivering captivating and mesmerizing lighting effects. With its user-friendly design, effortless installation, and durable construction, this pattern holder seamlessly integrates into your lighting setup. From theaters to architectural spaces and themed events, the ETC 400PH-G unleashes your creative potential, elevating your lighting design to new heights. Transform any environment into an immersive and visually stunning experience with this innovative glass pattern holder.

This Source Four accessory is a Glass Pattern Holder (B Size) for 5-90 Degree Source Four Fixtures.

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